Brit Premium dog food: reviews and composition analysis

Brit Premium Dog Food Review

Dry and wet dog food Brit Premium (“Brit Premium”) is produced by VAFO PRAHA sro in the Czech Republic (canned food may also be produced in Russia). The official website is (in English), it contains information about the entire line of food (compositions, recommended feeding rates, etc.). This food belongs to the premium class.

The Brit Premium brand also produces cat food. The same company also produces Brit Care, Profine, and Carnilove food.

Composition of Brit Premium food

Let's look at the composition of the Brit Premium food using the Adult M option (for adult dogs of medium breeds) as an example. You can see it in the photo below (for ease of reading, click on the image to enlarge it):

Above is a photo of the composition from the packaging, below is data from the official website.

In first place is chicken (41%), a source of protein. Note that the translation into Russian indicates “chicken meat flour,” but in English it simply says “chicken.” Such an ingredient may include other parts of the bird, not just meat.

There are no other sources of protein in the feed. Corn, wheat and rice, which are sources of carbohydrates, contain only a little protein. Thus, the bulk of the 25% of proteins indicated in the analysis are of animal origin.

Chicken fat and salmon oil are sources of fatty acids. It is specified that chicken fat is preserved with tocopherols (natural preservative, vitamin E).

Brewer's yeast - contains B-group vitamins. Natural flavors - it is not specified which ones. Dried apples are a source of fiber. Minerals - food supplement of minerals.

Extract from herbs and fruits - it is not clear which ones, it is not known what the benefits are. Manano-ologosaccharides and fructo-oligosaccharides are beneficial for digestion. Yucca schidigera extract - reduces fecal odor. Organic copper, organic zinc, organic selenium are useful nutritional supplements.

Brit Premium by Nature

At the end of 2021, the manufacturer rebranded and added by Nature to the name of the food. Below you can see an example of the composition, using the example of the option “Brit Premium by Nature, Chicken, Junior, Small” (with chicken, for young dogs of small breeds):

Photo of the composition indicated on the package.

The rebranding affected the appearance of the packaging more than the composition of the food. One can only note a slightly increased percentage of meat ingredients, as well as the appearance of the ingredients “crustacean shells”, “cartilage” and “green mussels”, which serve as sources of glucosamine and chondroitin. These substances are very beneficial for joints.

Collagen (useful for ligaments, tendons and joints) and blueberries also appeared in the composition. In addition, it has now been clarified which herbs are included in the “herbs and fruits” ingredient (previously there was an “herbal extract” ingredient without specification).

Ascorbyl palmitate has appeared among the antioxidants, it is considered completely safe and is approved for use in food products (in Russia, the EU, the USA and other countries).

Advantages and disadvantages

Benefits of the food:

  • the main source of protein is meat ingredients;
  • a natural preservative is used;
  • good vitamin and mineral supplement;
  • wide range, there is dry food, canned food;
  • relatively low price.

Disadvantages of Brit Premium food:

  • ingredients such as “chicken” are used (such general formulations may hide by-products), rather than “chicken meat”;
  • wheat and corn are used (typical for premium).

Feed composition overview

  • The composition of the feed is quite rich for the premium segment . The first place in all feeds is the meat ingredient (chicken or lamb). In dry food its percentage is about 40-45%, in hypoallergenic food - 31%, in wet food - about 80%. This is a very good indicator. Not all super-premium foods show the same results.

  • Rice is suggested everywhere as the main carbohydrate component . It has a good effect on digestion and has high nutritional value. corn and wheat are listed in all feeds, except hypoallergenic . Veterinarians have a negative attitude towards these ingredients and say that they do not provide any benefit to the dog’s body and in some cases cause intolerance.

  • Chicken and fish oil are sources of fatty acids that have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin and coat of animals. Fruit and herbal extracts are also added to the composition, although the manufacturer does not specify which ones, so it is difficult to judge their benefits.

Brit food does not contain preservatives, soy protein, GMOs and other products that can harm the health of the animal.

Brit Premium dog food - reviews

Brit Premium dry and wet food is very popular among dog owners. Therefore, there are many reviews about them on the Internet; below we have collected some of the newest ones.

Reviews from veterinarians

Some dog owners report that their veterinarian spoke highly of this food. However, we did not find direct reviews from veterinarians about Brit Premium.

Customer Reviews

Maria writes:

We have 3 mixed breeds, one 25 kg, two 15 kg each, we tried super premium food, different premium brands and settled on Brit Premium M, in my opinion this is the most optimal food in the price/quality category.

Place of production: Czech Republic, 41% meat. Well packaged, ideal proportionality, we comply with everything according to the table with feeding norms. The dogs are slender and active. We don’t experience any problems while walking, the chair is good and well decorated.

Irina writes:

My dog ​​has tried different brands of food (Mongie, Eukanubu, etc.), but for the last couple of years he has been mainly eating Brit Premium. This food has the best price-quality ratio, with meat in the first place, from 40%. In the Sport formula, which the dog now eats, there is only 45% meat. The price for a 15 kg bag is only 2600 rubles. The same bag of Royal Canina costs a thousand more, but there is less meat.

The dog is very active, I walk it twice a day for 30-60 minutes. She often runs after a stick, she loves it, it’s not for nothing that she is a hunting breed. Appearance is excellent, coat is shiny, feces are normal. Overall, I’m happy with everything, I think that Brit Premium is better than many super premium foods. I recommend trying it.

Svetlana writes:

The vet recommended this food to us. doctor, as a good premium food at an affordable price. Our German Shepherd loves it and has been eating it for three months now. The coat is shiny, digestion is normal. I can recommend Brit Premium for owners of German shepherds, the price is low and the quality is high.


The opinion about food is formed not only from advertising videos and information from the official website. Reviews from specialists and dog owners are informative.

Veterinarian review

Brit brand food has won the trust of Russian consumers. Dry Brit care pellets are distinguished by high quality protein because they contain only animal feed. Carbohydrates are represented by slow starch from potatoes or rice, which eliminates fermentation. Special high-calorie feed mixtures have been developed for energetic dogs and low-calorie feed mixtures for animals that need to lose weight. The dogs are full of food, their coat is shiny, and they are very active. I recommend Brit Kea food for your pets.

Customer Reviews

Sergey: Brit Kare is a decent food. But it infuriates me that the manufacturers say that there is a lot of meat in it. Dry pellets can only contain meat meal. And the price suits me. My Elsa crunches with pleasure.

Marina: The owners from whom I bought the puppy fed him Royal Canin. I was not satisfied with the quality of the food. I chose Brit care Puppy with lamb and rice. At first I didn't like the color and smell of the croquettes. But the puppy had a different opinion. I declare that Brit Kare is better than Royal Canin, and does not cost much more.

Alevtina: It took a long time to select food, and we settled on Brit Care for medium-sized adult dogs. There is 36% meat, not like in Chappie or Pedigree, all the vitamins, even apples are there, but there is no corn gluten and wheat. The dog eats with an appetite, its coat shines, and it jumps. Girls, I recommend Brit Kare to anyone looking for inexpensive and high-quality food.

Price and where to buy

This food can be purchased at the following pet stores:

  • “Old Farm” (reference): Dry food Brit Premium 8 kg - from 1344 rubles;
  • Dry food Brit Premium 15 kg - from 2105 rubles;
  • Canned food Brit Premium 0.85 kg x 12 pcs. — from 1186 rub.
  • "Le'Murrr" (help):
      Packaging 1 kg - from 245 rubles;
  • Packaging 3 kg - from 705 rubles;
  • Canned food 850 g - from 110 rub.
  • "ZooPassage" (help)
  • The prices indicated are current at the end of November 2021 and may change over time. For the exact cost, see the pet store websites using the information above.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    A detailed analysis of the range and composition gives an accurate idea of ​​the pros and cons of Brit food.


    The main advantage of Brit Premium is the price-quality ratio. The cost of the food is not the highest in the premium segment, but the rich composition is close to the super-premium level.

    The following advantages can also be highlighted:

    1. the food line takes into account the basic differences in the needs of dogs;
    2. absence of harmful substances;
    3. Available for purchase at most pet stores.


    Among the disadvantages are:

    • the presence of controversial ingredients such as wheat and corn in most feeds;
    • vague formulations of the composition (for example, herbal and fruit extracts are included without further clarification).

    Manufacturer and official website

    Brit food is produced in the Czech Republic. The company is not a corporation, it is a family business with a well-established philosophy and traditions.

    The manufacturer and official website ( present diets based on various formulas. Brit's total experience in the market of ready-made feed is more than 20 years.

    The company relies on the following theses:

    • Respect for the needs of animals and their owners.
    • Refusal of animal testing and condemnation of such technologies.
    • Categorical condemnation of any cruelty towards pets.

    VAFO PRAHA sro and Brit feed have a good reputation. In many ways, the positive reputation is formed by numerous reviews from satisfied dog and cat owners.

    Feed range

    The incredibly large range of Brit food allows you to choose feeding for a dog of any age and breed. Several lines offer food for dogs with special needs and a wide selection of healthy treats.

    Dry food

    Series of dry super premium food Brit Fresh:

    • Chicken with Potato Puppy Healthy Growth (chicken, potatoes, buckwheat, berries, greens) – for puppies and teenagers up to 12 months of age.
    • Chicken with Potato Adult Great Life (chicken, potatoes, buckwheat, apple, thyme) – for adult dogs (over 1 year).
    • Beef with Pumpkin Puppy Large Bones & Joints (beef, pumpkin, buckwheat, herbs) – for puppies and large breed teenagers up to 2 years of age
    • Fish with Pumpkin Adult Large Muscles & Joints (fish, pumpkin, buckwheat, beets, greens) – for adult dogs weighing over 25 kg.
    • Turkey with Pea Adult Fit & Slim (turkey, peas, rice, herbs) – for dogs with a low level of activity, prone to or suffering from excess weight; for older dogs.
    • Duck with Millet Adult Run & Work (duck, millet, zucchini, spinach, calendula) – for adult, active dogs.

    Brit Premium by Nature line of chicken-based dry food for dogs by age and size:

    • Junior S – for puppies and teenagers of small breeds (weight range from 1 to 10 kg) up to 1 year of age.
    • Adult S – for adult dogs weighing up to 10 kg.
    • Junior M – for puppies and teenagers of small breeds (weight range from 10 to 25 kg) up to 1 year of age.
    • Adult M – for adult dogs weighing from 10 to 25 kg.
    • Senior S+M – food for older dogs (over 7 years of age) weighing from 1 to 25 kg.
    • Junior L – for puppies and teenagers of large breeds (weight range from 25 to 45 kg) up to 2 years old.
    • Adult L – for adult dogs weighing from 25 to 45 kg.
    • Junior XL – for puppies and teenagers of giant breeds (weight range from 45 to 90 kg) up to 2.5 years old.
    • Adult XL – for adult dogs weighing from 45 to 90 kg.
    • Senior L+XL – food for older dogs (over 7 years of age) weighing from 25 to 90 kg.
    • Complete chicken formula for older dogs (+7 years) for large and extra large breeds (25-90 kg).

    Brit Care dog food - reviews

    Review of Brit Care dog food , writes Alice. When a little beagle appeared in the house, we spent a long time choosing what to feed him. Finally, we chose a good food, but it turned out that the dog is allergic to chicken, and it is present in many foods. The vet advised us to try Brit Care All Breed Salmon & Potato, we took a closer look and bought it. In the first place of the composition is salmon, as it should be in good food (first the meat, then the rest).

    Feed consumption is quite affordable, now with a weight of 16 kg it takes less than 200 grams per day, that is, a large package of 12 kg is enough for more than two months. The food pellets are medium in size and the beagle can handle them easily. Overall, the food rating is 5 out of 5! The only thing I don’t like is the smell, I don’t like the smell of fish. It’s also bad that in our city only one veterinary pharmacy has food, but if anything happens, I’ll get it on the Internet.

    Ulyana from Moscow writes a review about Brit Care dog food Good afternoon. My dog ​​has been eating Acana food almost all his life, but due to a series of price increases, I had to look for a cheaper option. In my search for a suitable one, I remembered that when Simba was still a puppy, the breeder fed him Brit food. In terms of composition, I only liked Brit Care, and Brit Premium is worse. I decided to take a kilogram pack of Brit Care Venison & Potato for testing.

    Compared to Acana food, Brit Care has lower protein and fat levels, but the food is also grain-free. It also does not contain beef, pork, soy and other foods that are not healthy for dogs. The feeding rate for my dachshund is 113 grams per day, which is not much, which means the food is filling. I won’t say that the food is ideal, but it is good and at a reasonable price - now a little more than a thousand rubles per kilogram.

    Conclusions about Brit Care food

    Considering that the reviews for Brit Care dog food are mostly positive, and the composition of the food is quite good, the Give Paw website confidently recommends it as the main food for your pet. However, if possible, it is better to buy holistic food for dogs, and if Brit Care is too expensive for you, pay attention to the German Bosch food.

    Price of Brit Care dog food

    • Dry food Brit Care 1 kg - about 390-420 rubles (115-230 UAH);
    • Dry food Brit Care 3 kg - about 1065-1155 rubles (320-360 UAH);
    • Dry food Brit Care 7.5 kg - about 2550 rubles (750 UAH);
    • Dry food Brit Care 12 kg - about 3525-4350 rubles (1160-1550 UAH).
    ( 1 rating, average 5 out of 5 )
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