How and why cats purr: emotions and the mechanism of purring
The purring of a cat is one of the most pleasant sounds for an animal owner. But the mechanism of origin
Bengal cat: characteristics of the breed, proper care, selection of nutrition, character traits
The Bengal cat appeared as a result of crossing a domestic cat and a wild Far Eastern cat.
What kind of nose should a healthy cat have and what do the changes indicate?
It is believed that a healthy cat's nose should normally be wet and cold. However
cat nose
Why does a cat, cat, kitten have a dry and warm, hot, cold nose: what to do?
Posted by Olesya Vakhraneva Date: September 14, 2018 Just one useful habit that does not require special
Syrrr! 9 Most Famous Rats and Mice in Cinema
Cats are often made into antagonists: sometimes cats want to enslave people and take over the world, sometimes
August 8 is World Cat Day. Why do we love them so much?
...Dogs and cats are our most popular and beloved pets. Those and others
Cats-hydrometeorologists - how to determine the weather from a cat?
Cats are perhaps the most popular pets. They improve mood, calm nerves and,
Gases in a cat: the main factors causing flatulence
What will you learn from the article Symptoms of flatulence How to tell if a cat has gas Causes of flatulence
6 funny books about the adventures of cats: a good mood is guaranteed
Cats mean comfort, affection, purring, inexpressible tenderness and tenderness. And although cats don't
What happens to a cat after death: where does their soul go?
Where does a cat's soul go after death? This is something that owners of their four-legged pets often think about.
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