DIY cat bed: 11 simple ideas
DIY cat beds: simple and original options
Photo: Your beloved pet probably needs its own place in the house - small and cozy
TOP 45 ideas on how to make a scratching post for a cat with your own hands
In a house where there is an animal, especially a cat, furniture is often damaged by the sharp claws of pets.
How to cut a cat's hair at home yourself, like the professionals do?
How to cut a cat's hair at home? Cat haircuts: photos
Grooming a cat is a specific procedure that most owners prefer to entrust to a professional. However, not always
First aid for a newborn kitten or nursing cat
Diarrhea in kittens can be a symptom of an infectious disease or indicate poisoning by toxic substances.
two kittens in a basket
What to name a cat? the best options for names and nicknames, a list from A to Z.
When an animal appears in the house, a logical question arises - what to call the fluffy beauty.
A cat bites kittens: how to react and the reasons for this strange habit
Cats 73029 Childbirth is quite stressful for cats, as well as for absolutely
Why do cats lick each other?
Why does a dog lick its owner - face, nose, hands, feet, before bed, in the morning
Owners of domestic cats who have several pets at once often note that their pets lick each other
Why cats come to someone else's house: real reasons and signs
Cats are unusual creatures; they feel the energies of the cosmos and inform an attentive person about the future.
Gentle and kind friends: 16 of the most affectionate cat breeds
Of all pets, cats are perhaps the most amazing and mysterious creatures. They keep their
How to deal with cat tangles
How to trim a cat's matted fur: causes of mats and their prevention
A cat's fur is one of the indicators of its health and proper maintenance. Beautiful, smooth,
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