Mauricio cat food: economy or premium

Recently, a new cat food, Mauricio, made in the Czech Republic, appeared in Dixie stores. Whole slices in sauce or jelly are available in sterilized pouches in 85 g and 100 g packages and in tin cans weighing 415 g. There is also dry food in the form of granules, packaged in bags. Products are sold individually and in sets, and are also widely distributed through promotions. The 100 gram package is especially economical.

What cat food should you not buy?

Let's remember what names of cat food we hear? Of course, the first to come to mind are Whiskas, Kitekat, Friskies, Darling. Their advertising is noisy, noticeable, and has become familiar... but is it worth believing all the manufacturers’ assurances? In this case, no. Cheap economy-class food (we’ll talk about food classes in general a little further) are the enemies of pets’ health. Only in emergency cases, when there really is nothing else at hand, can you give your cat such food. And even in this case, no one is immune from the prospect of poisoning. And the worst thing is that a constant diet of such food asymptomatically harms the cat, destroying its liver and kidneys.


Mjau (Meow) feed production is located in one of the most beautiful places in Sweden. It is here that farmers use the least amount of chemicals than in other countries of the world, and Swedish livestock have been a guarantor of the quality and safety of agricultural production for many decades. And according to manufacturers, the raw materials used in Mjau (Meow) feed are of the highest quality, without chemical additives, hormones, dyes and antibiotics.

Reviews for this product are mixed. Some buyers compare it with Kitekat food, but cheaper

However, it is important to understand that Meow food is an economy class food. Its low cost matches its quality

Advantages: very low price. The food does not have a strong odor, but rather has an appetizing aroma. Almost all the granules are intact, and the food does not feel greasy to the touch. Quite a lot of flavours.

Disadvantages: the composition is veiled. There are animal by-products and grains that are very harmful to the digestive system of cats. Contains preservatives and antioxidants. It is not advisable to use it as a permanent food. Cats become addicted to food.

Which brand of cat food is best?

Cat food is usually divided into classes: holistic , super-premium , premium and economy . You should consider food options starting from premium, but the best option, of course, would be super-premium or holistic. Companies of this level offer a variety of lines, where there is sure to be an option for even the most sensitive and picky pet. What you should pay attention to when choosing quality food is the country of origin, because it can be argued that the food is German, for example, but in fact this particular batch was produced in Russia.


The packaging says that Mauricio's cat food consists of selected ingredients, does not contain preservatives or soy, and strengthens the immune system. Its composition:

  • water;
  • meat and meat by-products;
  • fish trimmings and fish products;
  • cereals;
  • sugar;
  • vitamins (D3, E);
  • trace elements (zinc, manganese, copper, iodine);
  • taurine;
  • biotin;
  • herbal ingredients;
  • plant protein extracts.

As for the percentage of substances, in canned food the ratio per 100 g of product is as follows:

  • 82 percent humidity;
  • 8 percent crude protein;
  • 4.5 percent fat;
  • 2 percent raw ash;
  • 0.3 percent crude fiber.

It would seem that this food contains all the necessary ingredients for a cat’s health: shiny coat, smooth skin, sharp vision. In particular, a small amount of protein is a positive rather than a negative point, since an excess of this component provokes kidney problems in cats. But many questions arise from organ meats, grains and sugar.

As for the first, this wording usually indicates raw materials are not of very high quality. If you take bags of beef, they contain only 4% beef. Usually it is not meat, but lungs, bones and other offal.

High-quality pet food, as a rule, does not contain grains, since they are strong allergens, and therefore are not accepted by all four-legged pets. And sugar is generally harmful for cats. It is not needed as a flavoring additive, since cats do not perceive sweets. This product also contains very few minerals.

Thus, we can conclude that Maurizio is not a premium food, but an economy class food. Actually, this is confirmed by its cost. And the packaging itself does not at all qualify as premium, since it is made rather carelessly: the inscriptions are embossed poorly, some of them are erased, which makes it impossible to fully read the information. Unlike packaging of expensive food, there is no duplicate composition on the back of Mauricio bags

The best cat foods in the category: holistic

There can be nothing better for your beloved pet than dry food from the Holistic series. These are new generation products that are created by professionals for professionals. The composition of this food is as natural as possible, it contains no preservatives and is as digestible as possible for the animal. In the line of companies producing holistic food, there is an offer for every taste, but not for every budget - such products are very expensive, because they require not only high-quality raw materials, but also special production technology.

Innova Cat and Kitten

Average price in the Russian Federation : from 1200 rubles. for 2.7 kg

Why in the rating : this food’s composition is almost perfectly balanced, rich in all necessary substances, and even the protein in it is of animal origin. Thanks to the maximum nutritional value, a cat only needs a small portion to fill up. There are no ingredients in food of this level that could harm the animal.

Disadvantages : Innova Cat and Kitten is one of the most expensive foods and in Russia you can only get it on the Internet. It should be remembered that it contains quite a lot of protein, and therefore it should not be given to castrated animals.

Rating : 10 out of 10

From reviews of cat food Innova Cat and Kitten : “Food with a protein content of about 30% is suitable for extremely healthy and active cats, but will not be very good for neutered animals.”


Average price in the Russian Federation : from 1000 rubles. for 2.27 kg

Why in the rating : this food consists of 80% natural high-quality meat ingredients, in addition, it is additionally rich in lactobacilli and probiotics necessary for animals. But, fortunately, there are no grain crops in it at all. In Russia you can buy both on the Internet and in some veterinary pharmacies.

Disadvantages : Acana's line of food is quite limited, divided by age, and therefore it cannot offer anything for cats with special needs or patients.

Rating : 9 out of 10

From reviews of Acana : “If the animal is healthy and reacts normally to protein, then there will be no problems with nutrition.”

N&D Natural and Delicious

Average price in the Russian Federation : from 860 rubles. for 1.5 kg

Why in the rating : the food has a very well balanced composition, which contains a maximum of meat ingredients, in addition, it also includes all the substances and vitamins that cats need.

Disadvantages : A couple of herbal ingredients are questionable. It can be difficult to buy in veterinary pharmacies, but the food is sold online in a full range.

Rating : 8 out of 10

From reviews N&D cat food : “Cats do not immediately get used to the taste of the food and are picky at first - it does not contain the usual taste enhancers and flavorings.”

How to recover from illness?

If the dog has suffered from some illness, suffered a stressful condition, undergone surgery, or his health has weakened after taking strong antibiotics, it is necessary to restore the dog’s immunity.
The issue must be approached comprehensively. Let's consider several methods:

  • For prevention, deworming medications should be mixed into the food from time to time. This must be done throughout the animal’s life once every six months;
  • Every month, drop drops from blood-sucking insects onto the withers;
  • Monitor your dog's diet to ensure it is balanced. If you do not follow this rule, problems with the intestines arise. The diet should include foods such as meat, sea fish, vegetables, fruits, vitamin supplements, vegetable fats, carbohydrates, and dairy products. The food must be natural;
  • On the recommendation of a veterinarian, mineral supplements should also be added to the food. Industrial feed should not contain dyes, additional flavor enhancers and other impurities;
  • Long walks help improve health if the dog has a weak immune system. Dogs, just like people, urgently need to be in the fresh air more often. If the animal has suffered a serious illness, you should not overload it. It is better to coordinate the walking schedule with your veterinarian. If you already feel normal after illness, you need to alternate sports activities with walking. You need to go out for a walk every day and in any weather, this will improve the health of the animal and its owner;
  • The more the dog leads an active and eventful life, the healthier and more energetic it will be. For independent and joint games, you need to purchase several toys and diversify his walks.
  • If the animal suffers from allergic reactions, diseases of the cardiovascular or respiratory system, then smoking in the presence of the dog is not recommended. Many of the owners, for some reason, do not think about the fact that they are making their pets passive smokers, but tobacco smoke is the main enemy;
  • We must not allow the dog to experience stress. If this does happen, it is necessary to give sedatives prescribed by a veterinarian. They reduce the protective barrier and hormonal stress, so mating should be regular or the animal should be sterilized in a clinic;
  • It is necessary to maintain normal microflora in the intestines, as this is closely related to the immune system. According to medical data, 75% of immunity is formed in the intestine alone. If it works normally, the animal will be fine.

If the beneficial bacteria have been killed by antibiotics, the veterinarian will prescribe probiotics and prebiotics for the dog. One group of drugs will destroy harmful bacteria, and the other will increase the growth of beneficial microflora.


All medications that the owner mixes into his pet’s food must be prescribed strictly by a veterinarian. Before prescribing the drug, the doctor will order a blood test for the dog.

If the body is severely weakened, the attending physician usually prescribes immunomodulators. For example, “Cycloferon”, “Ribotan”, “Gamavit”, “Immunofan” and other analogues. Often weakened immunity is observed after a viral illness, fungal infection or tick bite.

It is prohibited to randomly select a medicine on your own. Thanks to immunostimulants, after illnesses you can increase your dog’s immunity and restore its defenses. Modulators help the animal recover faster after surgery or trauma. The dosage is prescribed taking into account the general condition of the dog and its weight.

If the dog has chronic diseases, the veterinarian prescribes medications that need to be given to her in courses. After some time, the medicine must be replaced with an analogue, since any living organism gets used to it.

A normal factor is timely preventive vaccinations. A competent approach to vaccination will protect you from infection with viruses and fatal diseases.

90% of animals vaccinated on time do not suffer from terrible diseases, and only 10% of them can get sick after injections, but in a mild form. The dog must be vaccinated against diseases: viral enteritis, rabies, plague, adenovirus, infectious hepatitis.

The best cat foods in the category: super premium

A food of this level is not so far removed from holistic in composition, but still contains natural preservatives and a little more ingredients of plant origin. This food is absolutely safe for cats if it is chosen correctly depending on the needs of the animal. As in the holistic category, there are also veterinary foods that are suitable for cats with illnesses or after operations. The cost of super-premium products is quite high.

Hills Science Diet (Prescription Diet)

Average price in the Russian Federation : from 900 rubles. for 1.5 kg

Why in the rating : the brand has a wide selection of food varieties aimed at very specific requirements: anti-obesity, heart and kidney health, for allergy sufferers, post-operative feeding, and so on. Finding food on sale is not difficult if you go to a veterinary pharmacy, but you can also find it in regular pet stores.

Disadvantages : Hills has been produced in Russia for a long time, which causes felinologists to worry about the quality of the products. When buying this food, you should pay attention to the country of origin - pay attention to European factories.

Prevention measures

In order not to use vitamins when the immune system in cats is weakened, you need to adhere to some preventive measures. They will prevent the serious consequences of this condition and the development of certain diseases. The main preventive measures include:

  1. Proper, easily digestible cat nutrition with an optimal set of nutrients.
  2. Minimizing stressful situations.
  3. Maintaining your cat's physical activity using play simulators.
  4. Proper conditions for keeping a pet.
  5. Tracking your pet's weight.

But if these measures do not protect the cat from reduced immunity, then you should contact your veterinarian to prescribe vitamins.

Cats need vitamins to strengthen their immune system.

But it is important to remember that only a veterinarian should prescribe their dosage and schedule of administration.

This article has been checked and approved by a veterinarian. Knyazeva Anna Vladimirovna, veterinarian in private practice, Moscow. more about the expert.

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The best cat food in the category: economy

It is very difficult to say something good about economy class food. It can only be noted that they have a very affordable price. However, their quality is often so deplorable that it is better to save on at least natural food, if not premium food. Giving such food to sick or weakened animals will only cause harm. Moreover, in fact, the financial side of the issue here is questionable, since this food is absolutely not nutritious, and the cat is forced to eat much larger portions than if its food were well balanced. In case there is absolutely no way out, there are still a couple of more or less tolerable economical options.

Purina One

Average price in the Russian Federation : from 250 rubles. for 750 g

Why in the rating : a fairly popular food in an affordable price range, which can be purchased even in regular supermarkets. Meets the nutritional requirements of most healthy cats under 8 years of age.

Disadvantages : Lots of herbal ingredients and no options for animals with serious medical conditions or very specific needs.

Grade: 5

From reviews of Purina One : “Over time, the cat simply refuses the food, although at first it requires supplements.”

Purina Cat Chow

Average price in the Russian Federation : from 100 rubles. for 400 g

Why in the rating : it comes in a very small package, which allows you to take the food “for testing” or as a temporary measure for 1-2 days.

Disadvantages : poorly balanced composition with a small amount of meat ingredients of questionable quality. Cases of allergies to Cat Chow are not uncommon.

Grade: 4

From reviews of Purina Cat Chow : “Cats are often picky and refuse this food completely.”

Whiskey Special

Average price in the Russian Federation : from 90 rubles. for 400 g.

Why in the rating : it offers a food option for cats with sensitive digestion, which guarantees at least relative harmlessness to the animal’s body. Cats eat this food with gusto.

Disadvantages : the composition is the same as regular Whiskas, except with a couple of new ingredients. The choice is quite small and allergies are not uncommon.

Grade: 3

From reviews of Whiskas Special : “The portion for satiating a cat turns out to be very large compared to premium food, and therefore even the financial benefit here is very doubtful.”

General information

In Russian periodicals, for some reason, “chemical” is often understood as radiation castration, when sexual activity is removed by targeted gamma healing. This is fundamentally incorrect, since “chemical” infertility is castration performed by introducing certain compounds into the body of animals.

In general, it is difficult to consider the pros and cons in this situation. The “pros” are the simplicity and low cost of these methods, and the “cons” are their lack of knowledge. This is especially acute in our veterinary medicine.

Up to this day, intensive research has been and is still being carried out on such methods of detoxifying cats. A conservative form of contraception is a promising additional method of limiting their fertility. It is interesting that in human medicine such studies have been carried out since the 30s of the last century, but, for obvious reasons, castration was rarely studied directly. Scientists needed drugs that would reduce the likelihood of fertilization, but would not affect a person’s libido. Veterinary medicine requires a different approach.

It was necessary to develop a drug that would limit the process of spermatogenesis. At first, the researchers followed the beaten path, trying, based on the experience of doctors, to solve the problem with hormones, but it soon became clear that such methods were too expensive for use in animals. In addition, constant administration of drugs is required, which greatly increases the cost of the technique and negates all its potential advantages.

Increasingly, conclusions were drawn that it was necessary to act “tougher” by introducing some kind of chemicals. These substances, when injected into the testis, epididymis or vas deferens, cause infertility by promoting azoospermia in males. And in 2011, such a solution was found... in India, where veterinarians were given the “simple” task of maximizing the number of stray cats.

Cat food review

Despite the tenderness and affection that our furry pets give us, cats are carnivorous representatives of the fauna. In simple terms, a cat's digestive system is a carnivore's digestive system.

! And it is this fact that is fundamental in the production of food and complementary foods for cats.

The most common misconception is the stereotype that the best food for a cat is fish and liver. And the uncontrollable desire of caring owners to feed a furry family member with delicious “treats” from their table, in general, can be disastrous for the animal’s gastrointestinal tract.

Fish protein

– is completely absorbed by the cat’s body, which leads to an imbalance of salt balance and, accordingly, to the development of urolithiasis and blood clotting disorders.
The liver
is so saturated with biologically active substances that if consumed frequently, it can destroy proper metabolism, causing problems with weight, hair and vision.
And any delicacies
generously seasoned with spices, sauces and preservatives can cause not only indigestion in cats, but also diseases such as liver failure, renal colic and gastritis.

Modern cat food, even in the mid-price segment, is carefully developed by nutritionists and meets the natural needs of our domestic predators. Manufacturers try to balance nutrients, vitamins and minerals as much as possible in order to save two-legged consumers from headaches, and four-legged consumers from health problems. But, despite the general principles of production, feed has its own characteristics that need to be considered.


Luxury cat foods include brands such as Royal Canin

Hills, PROFormance, Advance
. Of course, the main advantage of these manufacturers is the highest quality of the product, its absolute balance and naturalness. An ideally adjusted ratio of animal fats, proteins and minerals allows the cat to be an active long-liver, relieving it of the common health problems that we mentioned above.

A large selection of foods designed for specific breeds or to solve specific dietary problems is widely represented in the line of these brands. But the special value of these brands is the rare types of medical nutrition

, aimed at radically combating various ailments and maintaining chronic diseases in a state of stable remission.

Despite all the undeniable advantages of elite foods, their popularity remains a select few. Since the cost of such food is not affordable for everyone. The average price of super premium dry food ranges from 10

up to
25 dollars
per kilogram, without tendencies towards democratization of the product.


Premium nutrition includes Brekkies

Cat Chow
, which are not inferior in quality to elite food, but given their relative youth, still continue to conquer the market and adhere to a more affordable pricing policy.

These two brands have a large selection of flavor mixes

, which allows you to satisfy the preferences of the most finicky cats. And the line of preventive nutrition covers a standard range of problems and fully complies with all European veterinary standards.

The cost of premium food is more affordable than elite food - but still does not fall into the category of generally popular food and ranges from 8 to 18 dollars per kilogram.


Middle-class food, widely represented by Nutra

Tuffy 's
_ The availability of these brands does not mean the poor quality of their products. Although, in all honesty, it is still worth admitting that the content of animal fats in “budget” nutrition is somewhat reduced
But, unlike low-grade food, middle-class food is not filled with all sorts of aromatic additives
that improve the taste of the cat's dinner.

The balance of vitamins and minerals in this segment is maintained at the proper level and does not require additional complementary feeding. But the preventive line of these manufacturers is significantly inferior in its variability, which requires adjustments in nutrition or supplementation of the diet with food from more famous brands.

The cost of mid-level food is quite average and is affordable to a wide range of consumers. The price per kilogram in this class varies from 4

up to
6 dollars
per kilogram.

Useless and even harmful foods include economy class foods such as Friskies

Whiskas and Darling
They contain practically no animal fats and proteins,
are oversaturated with narcotic additives and are completely unbalanced in vitamin and mineral composition.

And given the fact that such food helps increase the concentration of calcium oxalate in the cat’s body up to 6-7 times

relative to the norm - puts these foods in a row of taboos and brings to the fore “human” nutrition, which causes much less harm than these “non-food” products.

The variety of cat food is great. Most manufacturers try to attract buyers with beautiful packaging, spectacular advertising and bright associations. And in order for your pet to be alive and well, you need to remember the hackneyed rule - a good product does not need advertising. Carefully study the composition of the food and do not neglect consultation with a specialist!


Now it is advisable to move from the features of this product to its contents, that is, to the composition. Sheba contains approximately 20% pure animal protein. Depending on the type of wet food, it may vary. The food line includes dishes from rabbit, poultry, beef, veal, sea fish and shrimp. One of the main advantages of this food is that it does not contain soy, various flavors, dyes and vegetable protein.

In addition to healthy animal protein, it contains fiber, a complex of essential minerals and vitamins, which includes taurine and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Perhaps the most questionable ingredient in the product is cassava sago or tapioca. But there is no need to worry in vain, since these are original starch substitutes. Cassava sago is nothing more than a cereal that is obtained from the cassava plant and, unlike many well-known corn or wheat cereals, is not capable of causing food allergies or gastrointestinal problems in a cat.

What is the difference between wet food and canned food?

There are also clear differences between the composition of bagged and canned food of this brand. Cans contain a larger amount of meat or fish compared to bags, since thanks to preservation, the freshness of the product is preserved much longer. But this does not make the composition in the bags worse or poorer in quality; they also contain all the vitamins and animal protein, only in reduced quantities.

Mauricio cat food: economy or premium

It is unlikely that veterinarians will ever begin to advise “cat owners” on industrial economy-class food. It is known that cheap food contains little meat and many different additives that can harm the health of the animal. However, manufacturers of budget cat food praise their products, promising unsurpassed taste and excellent quality. The cat owner just has to understand the options offered and make a choice.

Characteristics of the first component

The first five components make a mixed impression. Place No. 1 here is occupied by an interesting mixture - pieces of fresh meat, liver and lungs of lamb. On the one hand, it is good that this source of animal protein is added fresh, and that it is 30% of the diet.

On the other hand, the ratio of the three components of this mixture is completely unclear - it may turn out that there are much more offal than muscle meat. It is impossible to find out for sure. Of course, it is preferable when the manufacturer indicates such ingredients in the composition separately, clearly indicating the dosage or proportion of each of them.

Description of food "Maurizio" for cats

Mauricio is a popular, inexpensive cat food. It is sold in the Dixie, Auchan chain of stores and other supermarkets, and is produced in the Czech Republic at the Partner in Pet Food plant.

Maurizio food is produced in Europe by order of PJSC Dixie

“Partner in Pet Food” is a large company that produces canned and dry food for cats and dogs. The catalog of this manufacturer includes brands such as Prevital, Propesco, Nutrilov, Vitalbit, Renault, Dax, etc. The factories of this company produce about 450 thousand tons of feed per year. The company has representative offices in 5 countries, and there are official distributors in another 33 countries. In Russia, there are stores selling food from this manufacturer in almost 700 cities (more than 2,300 stores).


This brand has been producing animal feed for a long time. But there are already enough reviews and information about the company to compare the advantages and disadvantages of the products.

The advantages include:

  • affordable price in its price category (super-premium);
  • accessibility and prevalence, products can be purchased in almost all pet stores and large retail outlets;
  • contains vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain good animal health;
  • minimal technological processing of feed;
  • a large assortment that includes both canned food and Organics dry food;
  • high density of formed pieces of meat;
  • low jelly content in wet food;
  • the ability to store opened product in the refrigerator for a long time;
  • the same tastes in dry and wet food, which allows you to combine different types of food with each other;
  • increased calorie content, which allows the pet to be satisfied with less food;
  • high digestibility of feed.

Assortment and features of feed

"Maurizio" comes in two types:

  • wet food in the form of classic canned food;
  • dry food in the form of crickets.

Dry food "Maurizio"

Dry food "Maurizio" is represented by only 2 types of crickets - for ordinary cats and sterilized/neutered individuals. Regular complete food is available with beef flavor, and preventive food is available with chicken flavor. Packaging volume: 1.5 kg. This package costs from 140 rubles.

Dry food "Maurizio" differs in taste, design on the packaging and meat ingredients included.

  • cereals;
  • meat and offal (including 4% beef or chicken);
  • plant derivatives (including 2.5% beet pulp);
  • vegetable and animal fats;
  • plant protein extracts (wheat gluten);
  • mineral supplements and vitamins: vitamin A;
  • vitamin D3;
  • vitamin E;
  • copper;
  • iron;
  • zinc;
  • selenium;
  • manganese;
  • iodine;
  • taurine

Guaranteed performance of dry food:

  • crude protein - 28;
  • fat - 8.5%;
  • raw ash - 9;
  • crude fiber - 3.

Wet food "Maurizio"

Mauricio canned food is available in 85 g bags and 415 g metal cans. This food is called Mauricio premium, but the prefix “premium” is an advertising ploy that promises good quality and taste, but does not indicate the class of the product. Now Maurizio canned food is produced with beef flavor (“Whole slices in sauce”).

Table: composition of canned food “Maurizio”

On the packaging of Maurizio wet food, only the composition of the mineral supplement is indicated in detail

Does Maurizio have medicinal food?

The manufacturer of this food does not produce a veterinary line, and the only preventative option is Sterilized food. It is recommended not only for castrated and sterilized animals, but also for cats that are prone to weight gain, live at home and do not have access to the street.

Our veterinarian says that it is important not only to choose dietary food for our sterilized cat. Particular attention should be paid to the feeding order. Firstly, you need to strictly follow the veterinarian’s recommendations regarding the volume of portions and frequency of feedings. Secondly, you should not forget about the drinking regime (this is especially important if the animal is fed mainly dry food). Water should always be in the cat's bowl, regardless of the time of day. The liquid should be fresh and at comfortable room temperature. I filter water for my cat in a regular kitchen jug. Each cat owner has his own kitchen policy, but our cat has 3 drinking bowls - 1 in the kitchen and 2 more on the windowsills (kitchen and bedroom). In addition, you need to follow the general rules - do not mix food of different brands (the balance of nutrients is disturbed), do not feed the cat food from the table, and everything related to vitamins should be decided only after consulting a veterinarian.

Are there treats for cats?

There are no special treats for cats. However, from time to time a separate line of wet food appears on supermarket shelves in the form of a set of 4 spiders. Each bag has a volume of 100 g, they differ in taste: beef, rabbit, chicken, salmon (pieces in jelly or sauce).

Certain “seasonal” products are released only periodically

Consumer Reviews

Some cats like Mauricio's food. This applies mainly to those animals that are accustomed to eating Whiskas and Kiteket. They eat the portion with pleasure. Others, according to reviews from owners, treat it with suspicion, as with everything new. Still others, accustomed to more expensive food, simply refuse it.

Elena, owner of a mixed-breed cat

“I saw Dixie in the store and decided to buy my pet a new Mauricio food in pouches. I chose the beef flavor. My cat liked it. He ate everything and licked the bowl. I want to try giving him bags of other flavors.”

Andrey, owner of two Siamese cats

“My animals are quite picky eaters. I decided to pamper them with something new and bought Maurizio food at the Dixie store. I was led to believe that this is a Czech-made product and the composition seems to be good. I gave food to my cats, but they didn’t eat. I had to feed everything to the barn cats. They ate it with pleasure."

Anna, owner of a sterilized cat

“I recently came across Maurisio wet food for sterilized cats. I had never bought it before, so first I carefully studied the composition. It seemed to me that it does not correspond to the premium class, since it contains little protein. I fed my pet this food at my own risk. I gave it a little and she ate it all. I will give it occasionally, for variety. Despite the reasonable price, I wouldn’t risk switching my cat completely to this food.”


Representatives of the Canadian company Champion PetFoods sought to create a product that would best satisfy the needs of animals. This principle is known as “biologically appropriate.” Its concept is simple: to make food that is as balanced as possible and only from natural ingredients, which any cat or dog can easily get used to.

There are several points that must be strictly observed:

  • Since cats, as a predatory biological species, ate meat throughout their entire evolutionary development, industrially produced food should fully meet their needs. Those. contain at least 75% meat and 90% protein.
  • After heat treatment, meat loses most of its nutrients, so it should always be produced raw or fresh.
  • A diet containing only one or two types of prey can be called meager. At Champion PetFoods, they use at least 3 types of meat and add variety by adding fish or chicken eggs. There are exceptions, but they are few (for example, the Acana Singles line, designed specifically for animals with food allergies, intolerance to certain components, and with digestive problems).
  • Hunting cats raised on the street, having caught their prey, eat it all: along with the skin, entrails and cartilage. A person, trying to make digestion easier for a pet, tries to remove all this, and thereby makes a big mistake: after all, these parts often contain especially valuable components. They are present in Acana food.
  • The predator rarely comes across carbohydrates in natural conditions, which is why Acana food contains neither potatoes nor grains, but contains only those vegetables and fruits whose glycemic index is low (i.e. there is no threat of diabetes).
  • Manufacturers prefer to buy feed products nearby: in the same regions where production is located, namely in the Canadian state of Alberta. This is not just a state - it is the agricultural center of the country, the main supplier of fresh fish and meat, vegetables, fruits and berries.

The entire production process of Acana feed (Akana) - from food processing to packaging - takes place in one place. Genetically modified raw materials are not used, nor are dyes!

Acana food was first sold in 1975. Its creator, an ordinary farmer Reinhard Mählenfeld, owned a pet store and loved animals very much. For a long time, only veterinary drugs were on sale, but then Reinhard decided to try selling his own food for dogs and cats. The local animals ate them with great appetite, grew quickly and looked great, the animal owners were delighted, and Mählenfeld’s business quickly took off.

Attempts to sell recipes to giant companies that successfully traded in the market were unsuccessful: they saw no point in getting involved with a small farmer and did not consider it necessary to invest in what they thought was a “low-profit” business. Then Reinhard, with the support of his loved ones, through many obstacles, opened his own production.


In 2012, a retrospective of the artist was held at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, bringing together 128 projects. In addition, Cattelan announced his intention to retire to avoid repetition. A promotional campaign was released in support of the exhibition: in the photograph, the artist, captured against the backdrop of his works, was holding a tombstone with the prophetic inscription The End.

Leon Neal

However, it did not last long, and in 2021 Cattelan returned to duty. As the artist himself explained, “inaction turned out to be even greater torture for him than work.” His first piece after a break was an 18-karat gold toilet, first exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum in New York

in 2021. According to the artist’s idea, the toilet was connected to the sewer system so that every visitor had the opportunity to use it for its intended purpose. According to the administration of the Guggenheim Museum, about 100 thousand people did this after the exhibition began. The work is currently under investigation - thieves stole the toilet during the exhibition, which took place this fall at Blenheim Palace.

New product for the federal network

Mauricio cat food was developed by the Mildberry Company specifically for the Dixie retail chain, but reviews of the product are very contradictory. The introduction of new feeds to the Russian market is caused by high consumer demand. In particular, in May 2021, the share of animal feed in the chain’s turnover was 25%, which is a record figure in recent years. Thus, the Mildberry company was able to successfully solve a business problem: put on the market products that could successfully compete with the well-known brands Kitekat, Chappi and Pedigree.


Qilai Shen

Despite the indignation of animal rights activists, the artist has repeatedly turned animals, both living and stuffed, into the heroes of his installations. One notable case involved an early 1994 project for the New York gallery Daniel Newburgh. Faced with technical and financial difficulties, Maurizio Cattelan decided to get out of the situation in a very original way by exhibiting a donkey in the pavilion. According to the artist, this animal perfectly reflected the situation in which he had to find himself.

In 1997, he presented an installation featuring two stuffed mice lying on sun loungers under a beach umbrella.

It was she who attracted the attention of the art community to Cattelan’s person, marking the beginning of a new stage in his work. Perhaps one of his most iconic works in the genre of taxidermy was a stuffed horse called “The Ballad of Trotsky”, designed to recall the tragic outcome of revolutions

Recently, the exhibit was presented as part of an exhibition by the Louis Vuitton Foundation at the Moscow Pushkin Museum. Pushkin, which caused a rather mixed reaction on social networks. Perhaps even more resonant was another sculptural composition - the bodies of five headless horses protruding from the wall of an art gallery in the Swiss city of Basel.

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