The smell of cat litter: how to remove this aroma from the apartment?

Cats are capable of bringing a lot of positive emotions to their owners with their cozy purring, devotion and good disposition, but there is one “but” - they are neutralized by the animal’s instinct to mark its territory, leaving stinking puddles on the fluffy parquet carpet, on clothes and shoes. The smell of cat “marks” is extremely difficult to get rid of. The fact is that it is impossible to get rid of it with ordinary detergents, even the most expensive and advertised ones; you need heavy artillery - a mix of folk recipes and chemicals. When used correctly, they give excellent results, especially if they are supplemented with psychotherapy sessions for the pet - strict scaring with weaning, as well as castration and sterilization. Drastic methods will rid your home of stinking puddles and marks, but they are only suitable for those who are satisfied with an docile and calm companion, into whom your tailed bully will turn after the operation.

What should you absolutely not do?

Cat marks are a serious problem, faced by many owners of domestic uncastrated cats and unsterilized cats, whose desire to mark their territory is inherent in nature itself. If you catch your pet at the “crime scene,” it is strictly not recommended to poke its muzzle into the puddle you just made, and even more so, you should not beat the animal. This will cause unnecessary aggression and fear in the cat, but will not help solve the existing problem.

There is no need to try to mask the smell remaining after the cat’s “mark” with deodorants or air fresheners, since it will return later. To eliminate the unpleasant “aroma” of acid from a cat’s urine, it is necessary to break down the uric acid crystals, which can only be done with the help of special means. They do not dissolve in water and alcohol.

It is strictly not recommended to use bleach and chlorine-containing preparations to remove cat marks. They will not help neutralize the smell, and can seriously harm your pet’s sense of smell.

The right litter box and cat psychology

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For the most part, those people who live in the same house with cats get so used to the pungent musky smell that they even stop feeling it completely, but those who enter the apartment for the first time have to wrinkle their noses in displeasure. However, there is no need to think that it is better to completely abandon such a pet, since cats can be extremely careful when they are happy with everything. Then you won’t have to think about how to get rid of cat smell. If the animal is well brought up, fed on time, healthy, and has an excellent relationship with its owner, then no problems should arise, but when this does not work out, you should first find the reason, what the animal is protesting against or what it is hinting at.

Need to know

If you have to find out how to remove cat smell from a house or apartment, this means only one thing - your pet has found real reasons to shit outside the litter box. There can be quite a lot of them, from ordinary household grievances to incorrectly selected litter or an inconvenient location of the cat litter itself. Until you find out and eliminate them, you will have to constantly run around with a rag and it is not at all a fact that you will be able to completely remove the persistent aroma.

But first, you should think about the correct selection of the tray, as well as the filler for it, because this may be the main incentive for the pet to refuse to comply with norms and decency. If you can’t guess with this factor, then you’ll definitely have to think about how to get rid of the cat smell in the apartment. Vivid impressions are guaranteed to you, but no one guarantees that they will be pleasant. So how to choose the right tray itself and what is the secret?

  • The tray should be large and deep enough for the cat to comfortably climb into it completely.
  • There should be a lot of filler in the box; it must be in a thick layer so that the cat can easily dig a hole.
  • Purchasing a tray with a grid will eliminate the problem of animals scattering litter throughout the room, but not all cats agree to such options, because rowing is an instinct, be prepared for scratched walls, rugs and slippers neatly pulled into the cat litter box.
  • In order not to worry regularly about how to get rid of the smell of cat litter, the tray should be washed quite often under running water, and it is quite acceptable to use detergents that do not have a strong aroma, or ordinary bleach. This smell attracts cats, the main thing is to rinse the dish well after cleaning, the pet will unmistakably recognize the aroma.

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It doesn’t hurt to immediately decide on the correct filler so you don’t have to worry about how to remove the cat smell. It is likely that if you guess wrong, your cat will shit in the corners. There are a huge number of options, fortunately, pet stores now sell fillers by weight, so you can try everything before settling on one thing. In order to no longer worry about how to remove cat smell from an apartment, you should choose a substance that absorbs aromas; you really need to take this moment seriously.

Five options for effective folk remedies

People have been keeping cats since time immemorial and therefore have long been taught to deal with the unpleasant odor that pets leave when marking their territory. Traces of this will help eliminate:

  • Solution with laundry soap. To prepare it, pre-cut soap must be poured with boiling water. Simply foam it up, apply it to the smelly stain and wait about an hour, then rinse thoroughly.
  • Acetic acid. Blot the mark with dry wipes, apply a mixture of vinegar and water to the remaining mark, leave for 30-40 minutes and rinse.
  • Lemon. Cats do not like the natural citrus aroma, so lemon will be a sure way to deal with the tricks of your pets. Wash the smelly stain with a solution of laundry soap, and then squeeze out the juice from the lemon, dilute it with water and apply to the mark.
  • Iodine solution. To prepare it, add 20 drops of iodine to a liter of water and soak the resulting solution on traces of cat tricks, the unpleasant odor will be eliminated.
  • Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. This home remedy removes stink marks quickly and efficiently. Fill the detected stain with dry soda and let it dry, while in the meantime prepare a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide at a ratio of 1:1, add 2-3 drops of dishwashing detergent to it, stir thoroughly, pour on top of the soda, wait 20 minutes and wash it off.

The above folk remedies will help you eliminate the smell of cat marks and puddles from expensive carpets, rugs and other surfaces that your pet has used for its “criminal” purposes.

What happens if you ignore the smell of cat urine?

Prolonged and regular exposure to cat urine on various surfaces leads to the destruction of materials. Soft and porous materials are especially affected: carpets, upholstery, home textiles, wallpaper.

For the health of household members, the harm is relative. Due to the regularity of inhaling unpleasant odors, headaches may appear, and then nervous disorders.

A prolonged stay in a room thoroughly “saturated” with cat urine is absolutely contraindicated for newborn children and people suffering from diseases of the respiratory system.

Removing urine odor from clothes, shoes and home textiles

Cats can mark not only floors and carpets, but also other household items. Some mustachioed robbers have a special “love” for the clothes and shoes of their masters. If a cat gets into the habit of marking its territory, then smelly tracks can be found anywhere. To completely rid household items of unpleasant odors, use:

  • washing with laundry soap;
  • a mixture of lemon juice, water and acetic acid, which is perfect for removing old stains;
  • a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda for cleaning outerwear;
  • alcohol or vodka diluted with water for cleaning fur coats and other fur products.

As for shoes, in which, for reasons unknown to people, cats like to leave unpleasant puddles, it is recommended to wash old stains from dried cat urine inside with a solution of potassium permanganate, and outside with laundry soap, and then wipe with lemon juice. To remove fresh traces of cat urine, just one laundry soap is enough.

Lemon juice

The smell of citrus fruits repels animals. The contaminated area must first be cleaned with soap (an alternative is washing powder), then treated with lemon juice.

When cleaning furniture, the juice should be diluted halfway with water. Floor coverings are treated in a similar way.

An important point: lemon juice can lighten the fabrics being treated.

Chemicals from pet stores

On the shelves of pet stores you will find a large selection of products designed to remove traces of cat dirty tricks. You can buy:

  • the drug "Brovadez-plus", sold in the form of a dry powder, it will help you get rid of even persistent and ingrained odors;
  • Nature's Miracle liquid mixture to remove old traces of cat urine;
  • drug "OdorGon", etc.

Chemical products will help you quickly get rid of traces of cat urine and return your home to cleanliness and freshness.

Get rid of cat urine odor with dry fog

The fog is called dry fog due to the ability of the disinfectant liquid molecules to separate from the water molecules.
The substance is sprayed using special equipment - a dry fog generator. The device is a compact fogger, with the help of which the liquid working mixture is converted into a vapor state. The technology is safe for both people and animals. What is our secret? The essence of our treatment is the use of neutralizing crystals that react with “odorous” components. Microscopic smart crystals interact with biological particles that irritate the sense of smell and deprive them of their ability to “smell”. As you can see, all ingenious is simple. However, in this situation the human factor, or rather the professional one, plays a paramount role.

The drug does not damage furniture, wallpaper, or appliances. For exposure to dry fog, no preliminary preparation of the room is required. The main thing is that the air temperature should not be below +12˚С. Doors and windows must be closed and the fire alarm must be turned off. No people or animals should be in the room during processing.

The smell of marks and urine from uncastrated cats

The marks that the furry male spreads throughout the house exude such an aroma that it is impossible to stay in the room. And I don’t want to part with the animal at all. We will help solve this problem too.

tags glow under ultraviolet light

The intensity of the odor of the marks of castrated cats is associated with the hormonal composition of the secretions. Our company has the necessary equipment with which the marks made are identified.

An exterminator uses ultraviolet light to find the cat's marks. After detection, each tag is treated with a special biological composition that destroys urea and destroys microbes and bacteria that contribute to the formation of an unpleasant odor.

After spot treatment, the specialist will deodorize the entire room using the dry fog method. This will allow you to get the maximum effect and rid your entire home of a specific smell forever.


To carry out disinfection and deodorization, special preparations are used based on hydrocarbon mixtures - solvents and aromatic components. Treatment agents are selected taking into account the individual characteristics, severity and persistence of the smell of cat urine. The drugs undergo appropriate certification, do not contradict sanitary standards and are approved for use in our country.

Specialists completely treat the living space, paying special attention to the source of the odor. After carrying out a set of measures, the customer will receive parting recommendations that will help prevent relapse.

As a result of total deodorization, unpleasant odors will disappear, and a light aroma of freshness and cleanliness will remain in the house for another month.

part of the Havard product line

What you need to know

In exceptional cases, re-treatment of the premises may be necessary. This may be due to the presence of several cats in the house or if the smell of urine has already ingrained itself into all surfaces. And if the pet continues to violate the rules of personal hygiene, the apartment will need to be treated up to several times a year.

But in order for the smell to never appear in the house, first of all, its source should be eliminated: namely, to wean the cat from shitting in prohibited places.

Why is the smell of cat urine difficult to remove on your own?

You are constantly cleaning up and erasing traces of the “crimes” of your furry pet, but things are still there, that is, the smell remains as it was. This is due to the ability of cat urine to instantly crystallize. These tiny particles do not dissolve even in gasoline. The porosity of spoiled materials also contributes to the persistence of the odor.

You can purchase advertised miracle drugs as much as you like, the manufacturers of which promise a 100% result in getting rid of odor. In most cases, this is a common marketing ploy. The smell will go away for a short time, due to an excess of fragrances and fragrances. And then he will come back again. And it’s not even that the kitten did something wrong again. The remedy just didn't help. Instead of overpaying for advertising, it is better to invite professionals - you will save time, money, and effort spent on cleaning.

How to prevent the appearance of cat marks?

It is difficult to prevent cat marks if there is a sexually mature cat in the house, but it is possible. To do this, you need to take the advice of professional animal psychologists, who recommend:

  • keep the tray clean, but do not wash it with chlorine-containing products;
  • monitor the cat’s behavior if new furniture has appeared in the house or guests have arrived, since all this can be perceived as hostile to them and provoke bad behavior;
  • do not forget to feed your tailed pet, leave him water, show him attention, pet him and entertain him so that he does not feel lonely;
  • monitor the cat’s health, prevent cystitis and intestinal disorders;
  • during sexual activity of a tailed pet, let it go outside to satisfy its natural instincts, or use special drugs that extinguish the cat’s libido.

To accustom a cat to hygiene, in the places he has chosen to relieve himself, you can place substances that repel him with a strong odor, for example, cinnamon, dried basil, lemon juice, etc., or use special veterinary products.


The product helps create an unpleasant odor for the animal. Vodka contains substances that cats cannot tolerate. Therefore, by using alcohol, you don’t have to worry about your pet causing mischief again.

10 ideas for using old carpet

Directions for use: treat stains on wooden surfaces, furniture, and carpets with undiluted vodka.

The disadvantage of this method is that the treated area smells of alcohol.

Laundry soap

The benefits of laundry soap: helps to wash the contaminated area and break down the chemical elements contained in the cat’s urine. Soap does not mask an unpleasant odor, like many air fresheners or essential oils, it gets rid of the cause of the stench.

The advantage of the method: the absence of harmful components in the composition, compliance with environmental requirements.

To get rid of cat marks, you need to act quickly and follow the recommendations.

Checked personally!

Before telling you about this method of getting rid of cat odor, I tried everything myself.

The result is that the smell has completely disappeared!

The cost of ingredients is very low.

  • Baking soda - about 30-40 rubles. for 500 grams
  • Hydrogen peroxide (3%) – 15-20 rub. for 100 ml
  • Table vinegar 9% - 25-30 rub. for half a liter

Labor costs are small.

In terms of time - 2-3 days (taking into account drying and the size of the object for me).

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