The cat wants a cat, what to do, how to calm it down? How long does a cat want a cat? Folk remedies, the best drops, tablets to prevent the cat from wandering

What to do if a cat goes into heat, and the instinct of procreation makes itself felt with unbearable yelling, meowing and other characteristic signs? Looking for a groom over and over again and producing endless kittens is not an option. The physical capabilities of the cat's body are not limitless, and chronic pregnancy threatens serious health problems. Sterilization also has its pros and cons, and when deciding on surgery, you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons. Therefore, first it makes sense to try to calm your pet in ways that are not capable of causing him serious harm.

How long does a cat want a cat?

Initially, you need to decide on the period for how long the cat’s anxiety will continue.

How much does a cat want a cat:

  • It usually lasts 3-10 days. However, the peak of anxiety is observed for 3-4 days. During this period, the cat may experience characteristic discharge; it may lie on the floor, press its stomach against it and stick out its back, while curling its tail to the side.
  • It is believed that in this way the cat is trying to attract a male for fertilization. The main cause of concern for all household members is the screams and restlessness of the animal.
  • That is, a cat can scream during the day and at night, while not allowing home owners to rest. In this case, there are several ways to calm the animal.

The cat wants a cat

“We want kittens!”

And this is another question, for the solution of which you need to wait at least 1.5 years.

During this time, the female will grow and mature. Her reproductive organs will be fully mature for bearing, giving birth and feeding her young. But she will start screaming and calling the cat from 8-10 months of age.

Imagine how patient and purposeful an owner must be in order to withstand a cat's recruiting concert for several months. After all, a cat’s estrus usually lasts 7-10 days and nights, and after a short break the next heat begins with shrill screams and “expressive” dances.

It is for this case, when the cat plans to have children in the future, that some soothing folk remedies and methods are suitable.

The cat wants a cat - what to do?

We present several medications that will help reduce stress and calm the animal.

The cat wants a cat - what to do:

  • Place your cat in heat in a separate room with a litter tray, food, and water. It is recommended to release only in the evening. This way there will be no discharge stains throughout the apartment.
  • Be sure to turn on classical music, it will calm not only the household, but also the animal.
  • You can give pheromones to animals. It is believed that they are able to reduce desire and discourage sexual desire. However, they do not work for all animals.
  • Use homeopathic remedies. They can be found at your veterinary pharmacy.
  • Suprastin. This is an antihistamine that relieves swelling. Thanks to this, the cat feels much better, libido decreases, and pain also decreases.
  • Use of sedatives. Herbal remedies are usually given that can reduce the animal's anxiety.
  • Hormonal drugs that are purchased on the recommendation of a doctor. After all, they are quite dangerous and can cause infertility or gynecological ailments in the animal.


The cat wants the cat, how to calm it down?

There are special medications that help remove all signs of estrus in an animal, or stop it altogether. All these drugs are divided into two groups, depending on the component of the drug.

The cat wants the cat, how to calm it down:

  • Natural ingredients. They do not have a very pronounced effect, sometimes they become completely useless. But the main advantage is that they consist of herbs and do not have a strong effect on the animal’s hormonal system.
  • Hormonal drugs . These are usually synthetic hormones that help influence the cat's endocrine and reproductive system. Of course, the simplest option that will solve all problems is sterilization of the animal. However, it is acceptable if you do not plan to mate the animal and raise offspring. That is, if you got a cat solely for yourself, for the purpose of entertainment.


Castration: pros and cons

The most radical and effective way to calm a cat is to have surgery. There are two options for the operation: complete removal of the testicles or ligation of the spermatic cords. Both interventions are performed under full anesthesia. These operations are relatively simple, and if performed by an experienced doctor, the risks are minimal.

The cat will never lose his head in love again in his life. Pet owners claim that their pets often become calmer after the operation. Still, any surgery carries risks. Remember that even during the simplest operation you can lose your pet. Now you know what to do if the cat goes on a spree. How to calm your pet at home

Tablets, drops to prevent a cat from wanting a cat: review

If you plan for the cat to actively mate and produce offspring, it is best to choose homeopathic remedies or hormonal preparations that help reduce sexual desire in the animal. Please note that cats that mate regularly with a male breed less frequently. They usually go into heat once every six months. If an animal does not mate with a cat from time to time, then estrus can be observed even every month.

What should a pet owner do? Let's look at a few of the most common medications that work well to reduce the symptoms of estrus in cats.

Tablets, drops to prevent a cat from wanting a cat, review:

  • Cat Baiyun . This is a medicine that can be purchased in the form of a solution or tablets. The medicine alleviates the condition, reduces pain, and calms the animal.
  • Cat mint . Sold in sprays or sachets. The most interesting thing is that this remedy is not used internally, but only externally. It is necessary to spray the places where the cat prefers to spend most of its time.
  • Fitex drops. This is a drug that is used not only in cats, but also in cats. It reduces libido and calms the animal during estrus. Consists of natural herbs that do not harm the health of the animal.
  • Stop stress . Also a drug for animals, which is given during the period of sexual hunting. Does not contain hormones, but helps calm the animal. These drugs are absolutely safe and do not cause addiction or negative consequences. But they may be ineffective compared to hormonal substances.


How quickly does heat return after giving birth?

About 64 days pass from the date of first mating to birth. Then the cat feeds the kittens; the duration of this period largely depends on the owners. 10-14 days after the end of lactation, estrus resumes.

But some lactating cats go into heat as early as two weeks after giving birth. If mating with the cat does not occur at this moment, then the cat begins to walk, as before, every 10-20 days.

Pregnant cat

Folk remedies: a cat wants a cat

There are a lot of folk methods that are designed to reduce sexual desire in an animal.

Folk remedies, a cat wants a cat:

  • Distracting . Usually the cat is dipped in cold water, or simply doused from a mug. Thus, the cat's task changes, instead of screaming, it licks itself. However, it is necessary to repeat the procedure constantly until the cat asks for the cat.
  • Coat the animal's face with butter. The effect is the same, the animal constantly licks itself, during which time the screaming stops.
  • Using a neutered cat . The main question is where to get it. Indeed, after mating with a castrated cat, the cat calms down for a while. However, this is not a 100% method, since some animals, even after a successful mating, which ends in offspring, can become very active for another three to four days until the end of estrus, screaming, meowing and not allowing members of the household to rest.
  • Imitation of sexual intercourse. Usually, this requires grabbing the cat at the withers and dragging it, as a cat does during mating. Many also recommend feeding your cat various decoctions. The most commonly used soothing herbs are motherwort, tincture of valerian, lemon balm and mint. If the animal does not want to drink such drugs, they are usually introduced into dry food, or into the food that the animal is fed.


Traditional methods of calming down during estrus

A cat is walking: how to calm it down at home? If you still don’t have any medicines at home, another way to calm the cat will help - traditional medicine.

Methods to help cope with “cat walking”:

  • When the cat begins to have another attack of strong screaming, you can dip its butt in cool water and hold it in it for several minutes. Albeit not for long, but this measure will help calm down the wandering murka. You can do this every time the cat starts screaming loudly.
  • To distract your cat from her heat, you can apply a small amount of butter to her face. As with the shower, the animal will be busy cleaning itself up for a long time afterward.

Behavior during estrus

  • If a cat keeps you awake all night with its heart-rending screams, it is recommended that you forcefully pour 50 g of vodka into its mouth in the evening. An intoxicated and calm animal will sleep all night.
  • For a day, a walking animal will be calmed by this recipe - crush ¼ tablet of Diphenhydramine and a whole tablet of valerian, mix the powders together and give to the cat. You can add a mixture of crushed drugs to food.
  • Give your pet a decoction based on medicinal herbs that have a sedative effect. To prepare a decoction, you can use chamomile, mint or linden.
  • A weak solution of vinegar is an effective, proven way to calm a walking cat to rest for a while. Dilute the vinegar with water to make a slightly sour-tasting liquid, and pour a small amount into the animal’s mouth.

Tablets for cats to prevent them from walking and not wanting a cat: list of the best

The most effective method to reduce a cat's sex drive is hormonal agents.

Tablets for cats so that you don’t want a cat:

  1. Covinan is a hormonal drug that is used to stop estrus and reduce its manifestations. The product helps reduce hormone production. Thanks to this substance, the cat stops wanting a cat, aggressive behavior and anxiety decrease.
  2. Antisex . The drug is used to delay and stop estrus. For effect, the drug is usually taken once a week. In order to reduce symptoms during estrus, the drug is given one tablet per day for a week.
  3. Sex barrier. The product is used once every 2 weeks to reduce activity. If the animal has had sexual intercourse or mating that was not planned by the animal’s owners, then it is necessary to take two tablets. This reduces the chance of pregnancy to zero.
  4. Stop intimacy . In order for the cat to become less active, aggression and anxiety to decrease, half a tablet is prescribed once a week. If estrus has begun, the animal is very restless, 1 tablet per week is prescribed. Please note that all these drugs are hormonal, so you should never exceed the dosage.

It is best not to purchase products without a doctor’s prescription. They can negatively affect the health of the animal. Consequences of taking which drugs: endometriosis, erosion, benign tumors of the pelvic organs in cats. Accordingly, it is best to give non-hormonal herbal medications that help calm the animal’s nervous system.


Why does a cat want a male after mating?

Many pet owners worry when, after mating, the animal behaves very restlessly for several days.

Why does a cat want a male cat after mating:

  • Many people think that fertilization has not occurred and the cat needs to be re-mated with a male cat. This is actually an incorrect assumption. The fact is that during mating, a huge amount of hormones are released into the blood.
  • It takes several days for their concentration in the blood to decrease. Under no circumstances should a female cat be re-mated with a male during this period.
  • Pay attention to the cat's behavior. If intercourse occurs successfully, the cat is ovulating, the cat loses all interest in her. This is a sure sign that the animal is pregnant.
  • It often happens that 2 months after mating, the cat asks for a male cat again. Under no circumstances should the animal be re-mated with a cat during this period. There are several options for the development of events.
  • Most likely, the animal is already in position, and a so-called double pregnancy will occur. Two types of embryos will appear in the cat's stomach: older and younger.
  • It is possible that the cat will give birth on time, but the younger embryos will die. Or, on the contrary, the cat first gives birth to the first litter, and a few weeks later gives birth again. This affects the pet's health.


What is estrus, how does it occur and how often does it happen?

Estrus, or estrus, is a special state of the female’s reproductive system when she is maximally positioned to conceive offspring. At such a moment, the next portion of eggs matures in the animal’s body, ready to be released from the follicles. To start the process, a special luteinizing hormone (LH) is required. In cats, it is produced only during sexual intercourse. Until enough LH accumulates in the body, the mature follicles of the female will continue to synthesize estrogen in huge quantities, which affects the behavior of the animal and forces it to look for a sexual partner.

Domestic cats come into heat 2-3 times a year, and domestic cats even more often. For both, the period of greatest reproductive activity occurs in spring-summer, although there are exceptions dictated by the living conditions of the animal.

Why do neutered cats want a cat?

It often happens that a sterilized cat wants a cat. This is possible for several reasons.

There are two sterilization options:

  • With tubal ligation
  • With the complete removal of the animal's reproductive system organs

Why sterilized cats want a cat:

  • In the first case, during tubal ligation, the ovaries remain in place, that is, they produce a certain amount of hormones. In fact, the cat is infertile; even after mating with a male cat, she cannot become pregnant due to the fact that access to the ovaries and fallopian tubes is blocked.
  • However, the symptoms of sexual heat persist. In this case, it is recommended to inject the animal with Cavinton or Depogestone. This is a remedy that will reduce the amount of hormones in the blood and eliminate the animal’s night cries.
  • If signs of sexual desire are observed after complete sterilization, this happens due to incomplete removal of ovarian tissue.
  • Functional ovarian tissue secretes small amounts of hormones, which is why signs of estrus are observed. In fact, if the doctor did everything correctly, completely removed the uterus and ovaries, then the animal should not show any signs of sexual heat.
  • Most likely, the operation was performed by an inexperienced doctor, or this is the individual characteristics of the cat. In most cases, the operation is repeated. During this procedure, all parts of the ovary, uterus, and fallopian tubes that remain in the animal’s abdomen are removed.

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Do not rush to purchase hormonal drugs. Try to use safe folk methods and herbs.

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