How to wash your cat quickly and carefully so you don't get bitten
Most cats avoid water treatments. However, this is one of the important components of hygiene. From the fact
The largest breed of Maine Coon cats: color chart, patterns and markings
Animal selection requires mandatory documentary confirmation. For the convenience of classification in felinology, codes (encodings) have been adopted
Maine Coons
Long-haired cats and their characteristics: breeds, origin and maintenance recommendations
When choosing a cat, the length of the coat is important. Some people who want to have such a pet are considering
TOP 7 best anti-flea and tick drops for cats and dogs: selection tips, reviews
With the onset of warm weather, parasites wake up outside. A cat is a pet, but it
Cute fluffies: The most affectionate cat breeds TOP 10
The future owner chooses a kitten not only based on its exterior and pedigree level. Often main
Sores, scabs in cats - causes and treatment of skin diseases
Alena Igorevna Goncharenko veterinarian Petstory Skin diseases in cats occur in veterinary practice
Why British cats and kittens do not like to sit on your hands: the main reasons
You can’t describe the character of a British cat in a few words. It does not matter,
How and why cats purr: emotions and the mechanism of purring
The purring of a cat is one of the most pleasant sounds for an animal owner. But the mechanism of origin
First aid for a newborn kitten or nursing cat
Diarrhea in kittens can be a symptom of an infectious disease or indicate poisoning by toxic substances.
two kittens in a basket
What to name a cat? the best options for names and nicknames, a list from A to Z.
When an animal appears in the house, a logical question arises - what to call the fluffy beauty.
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