Nonspecific bowel disease in cats (Inflammatory bowel disease)
One of the most common diseases of the digestive system in cats is colitis. Its development
Symptoms and treatment of heart failure in cats
Proper functioning of the myocardium ensures the normal functioning of the entire body. With the development of heart failure, a number of
How to properly treat cat acne at home
08/27/2019 Skin diseases in cats No comments 8266 Acne in cats on the chin -
What kind of care does a kitten need in the first months, maintenance and upbringing?
What you will learn from the article What to greet your kitten with Tray Litter litter Dishes Scratching post
What to do if the cat does not eat, drinks only water and sleeps
What you will learn from the article How long can a cat not eat, what are the dangers of starvation? Main reasons
Friskies cat food: reviews, where to buy, composition
What will you learn from the article Types of food for cats Friskies Dry food Friskies for cats
Diapers for cats and cats: what they are needed for and how to use them
What are they? Diapers for cats are made in the form of panties that are attached to the animal
Koshkinskoe milk: features, manufacturer and reviews
It is believed that all cats love milk. Should cats be given milk? Felinologists agreed
How and with what to treat lichen in a cat at home
Ringworm in cats is a fungal infection of an animal. What is the cause of the disease?
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