Cat food "Pronature": lines and composition features

Among pet foods, Pronature cat food is of high quality. It contains vitamins and nutrients that are vital for your pet's health and energy. The food product has several varieties and tastes. When purchasing Pronature Holistic food, the owner must become familiar with its composition, and also take into account all the advantages and weaknesses.

Veterinarian N. Popova recommends cat “Pronature” for kittens, since it saturates the small body with useful substances and the size of the kibble is convenient for the baby to chew.

Description of Pronature food

Pronature food is produced by PLB International from Canada, which specializes in creating industrial food for cats and dogs. The manufacturer has been on the market since 1969 and produces another well-known brand of food - First Choice. Pronature products, according to the manufacturer, belong to the super premium category, and also have a separate holistic series.

Feed lines

Cat food is available in two lines of dry products:

  • Original is a series with classic combinations of products without artificial colors and additives to increase attractiveness; for adult cats, food is available in two packaging options (2.72 and 5.44 kg), and for babies only small packs are available (350 g and 2.72 kg), this series includes: No. 30 for kittens under one year of age with chicken;
  • No. 28 for adult cats up to 10 years old (offered in three options: with chicken, meat and fish);
  • No. 27 for cats aged 10+ (aging and with low physical activity) with chicken flavor.

    The classic series does not contain dyes or additives

  • Holistic is a hybrid food line that combines natural and organic ingredients, designed to create the healthiest ready-made diet for pets; This line includes 5 products for cats:
      for kittens under one year of age with chicken and sweet potatoes, packaged in 907 g, 2.72 and 5.44 kg;
  • for adult cats under the age of 10 years, three options are offered: to maintain healthy coat and skin with salmon and brown rice, with duck and oranges without grain components, as well as an option with turkey and cranberries, packaged in 2.72 and 5.44 kg ;
  • for older cats with white fish and wild Canadian rice, packaged in 2.72 and 5.44 kg.

    The holistic line combines natural and organic ingredients

  • Only dry diets are produced under the Pronature brand. There are no medicinal lines, no wet food, no treats with that name.

    Composition analysis

    When creating super premium food, only high-quality ingredients should be used, in particular, we are talking about meat - a source of protein, and holistic products in general should be devoid of potentially dangerous and allergenic components. It is possible to understand whether a particular food actually has the class affiliation that the manufacturer claims is possible only on the basis of a detailed analysis of the composition.

    Original Series

    Let's look at the main components of the most popular food option for adult cats - with chicken:

    • chicken flour - in the first place is the main source of protein, which is obtained from the meat and skin of poultry, it is easily digestible and is of high quality;

      Chicken is an excellent option for the main source of protein in cat food.

    • in second place is barley, one of the main sources of carbohydrates; crushed grain is a neutral component that does not carry any potential danger to the animal;
    • Brewer's rice is another source of carbohydrates, such rice is the dry residue of grain that remains after preparing beer or wort; it cannot be called the best option for the animal, since it is less valuable compared to whole rice;
    • chicken fat is a source of linoleic acid, a big plus is that this component is preserved in a safe way - a mixture of tocopherols, that is, vitamin E;
    • natural flavoring - it is not specified in the composition, but usually extracts of various strong broths that do not contain harmful artificial ingredients are used as such;
    • dry beet pulp - this component is often used in industrial feeds as a source of fiber; it is a natural stool fixative;
    • whole flaxseed is used as a component with a high content of healthy unsaturated fatty acids; the addition of this ingredient has a positive effect on the condition of the animal’s coat, and also helps prevent constipation;

      Whole flax seeds in cat food are a component that has a beneficial effect on the condition of the animal’s coat.

    • dried cranberries - the berry is a natural regulator of urine acidity and is useful for the functioning of the urinary system in cats;
    • flavoring and aromatic additives: yeast - this component does not carry a nutritional load and is used solely to enhance taste; it is worth noting that yeast can cause allergies in some cats;
    • salt is a flavor enhancer;
    • thyme is a herbal ingredient that has an attractive aroma;
  • natural preservative, antioxidant - rosemary;
  • Yucca Schidigera extract - contains substances to maintain the health of the animal’s digestive tract, and also helps reduce the intensity of the odor of feces;
  • mineral and vitamin supplements.
  • Pronature Original food contains a lot of useful components, which makes it especially valuable for cats

    When evaluating food, you need to pay attention to a number of numbers, namely, guaranteed analysis data that demonstrates the manufacturer's compliance with nutrient standards. Thus, 1 kg of “Original” chicken feed contains a minimum of 28% protein, 18% fat, a maximum of 3.5% crude fiber and 8% ash. The calorie content of the product per 1 kg is 4240 kcal. Considering that it is recommended to give a cat weighing 3 kg a third of a measuring cup per day (this is approximately 40 g), the calorie content of such a dose is 170 kcal, which fully corresponds to the average need of the animal (it is believed that per 1 kg of its weight a cat should receive 50–60 kcal).

    It is necessary to calculate the daily amount of feed based on the feeding rates given by the manufacturer on the pack

    Table: analysis of the composition of Pronature Original chicken feed

    Crude fiber3,5%
    Vitamin A15000 IU/kg
    Vitamin D31400 IU/kg
    Vitamin E75 IU/kg
    Omega-3 fatty acids0,5%
    Omega-6 fatty acids2,5%
    Omega-9 fatty acids0,25%

    In other foods in the series, the composition is similar, only individual components and sometimes the positions of the guaranteed composition differ:

    • in the food for kittens, dried egg and salmon fat are added, the protein percentage is higher - 30%, as well as the fat content - 20%, while fiber and ash are less - 3% and 7.5%, respectively, which is dictated by the characteristics of the animal’s growth period; The calorie content of 1 kg is also slightly higher - 4310 kcal;
    • in food for adult cats with meat, in addition to chicken meal, there is salmon and lamb meal, guaranteed analysis and calorie content do not differ from food with chicken;
    • in food with seafood, the main source of protein is still chicken, but it contains flour from salmon and herring meat, guaranteed analysis and calorie content do not differ from food with chicken;
    • in the diet for older animals, oat grain, dried tomato pulp and salmon fat are added to the composition; the food contains less fat and protein - 13 and 27%, respectively, but the caloric content is not changed.

    The average cost of a 2.72 kg package is 1,300 rubles. Based on the table of daily norms, for an average cat weighing 3–5 kg, such a pack will last about 2 months.

    Photo gallery: “Original” food line

    "Pronature Original" for kittens is distinguished by a high percentage of protein in its composition, as well as the addition of fish oil

    Pronature Original with chicken is a popular choice for adult cats aged 1 to 10 years. Pronature Original for adult cats Meat Fiesta is distinguished by the addition of lamb and salmon meal.

    “Pronature Original” with fish delicacies also includes chicken as the main protein component, but is also supplemented with salmon and herring flour

    The Pronature Original line includes food for older cats over 10 years old or those that show little activity

    Video: review of Pronature Original food

    Holistic Series

    Compared to the Original series food, the Holistic series products for adult cats use an order of magnitude more diverse natural ingredients. Let's look at the main components using the example of turkey and cranberry food:

    • sources of proteins: turkey meat (a dietary ingredient that is easily digested), dehydrated chicken meat, herring meal (a source of proteins and fatty acids, excellent for the condition of cats' fur), dehydrated eggs (obtained as a result of heat treatment of chicken eggs, which leads to partial loss of their benefits);
    • brown rice is a high-quality source of carbohydrates and fiber, as well as a natural stool solidifier, and is one of the lowest allergenic grains among grains;
    • barley and oat kernels, rice bran are also sources of carbohydrates, the latter are especially valuable, contain a large amount of fiber and improve the process of food absorption in the intestines;
    • fruits, vegetables and berries: organic dried cranberries and blueberries, dried pineapple (positively affects the functioning of the pancreas and intestines, removes fluid from the body), organic ginger (has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties), beet pulp, dried tomato and apple pulp, organic dried broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, organic juniper berries;
    • organic dried herbs, rich in beneficial components: rosemary (preservative), alfalfa, parsley, quinoa, spinach, dried mint and green tea extract are added to the food to freshen the animal’s breath;
    • chicken fat preserved with natural tocopherols;
    • whole flaxseed;
    • small shrimp and crab shell;
    • Chicken seasoning, salt, mint, honey and yeast were used as flavorings and flavoring additives;
    • small shrimp and crab shell;
    • vitamin and mineral supplements.

    The guaranteed analysis of the main nutritional parameters is practically no different from the “Original” line for adult cats. The amount of protein is 28%, fat is 18%, ash is 8%, but there is a little more fiber - 4%. Calorie content is also no different - 4240 kcal per kg of product.

    As in the “Original” line, the composition of other holistic foods is almost completely the same, with the exception of certain components:

    • in kitten food, sources of protein include fresh chicken, chicken meal, herring meal, dried eggs, and sweet potatoes are added to carbohydrates; similar to the super premium food from this manufacturer, the food for kittens has a higher protein and fat content - 30 and 20%, respectively, the calorie content is the same as that of food for adults;
    • in the fish version, the first place in the composition is fresh Atlantic salmon meat, the protein content and calorie content are no different, but there is more fat in it - 20%;
    • food for adult cats with duck and oranges includes fresh duck meat as the main source of protein, as well as dried regular and sweet potatoes, dried orange pulp; does not contain grain components at all, has a high content of protein (33%) and fat (20%), while the calorie content does not differ - 4240 kcal;
    • The diet for older cats is based on white ocean fish meat, includes potatoes, brown and regular rice, and has a reduced fat (12%) and protein (27%) content.

    The cost of such food is much higher; for a pack of 2.72 kg you will have to pay an average of 2,500 rubles. The consumption of this product is similar to the “Original” series, so a package for one average cat will also last for 2 months.

    Photo gallery: Holistic food line

    “Pronature Holistic” with duck and oranges is a type of food for adult cats aged 1 to 10 years.

    Pronature Holistic food for kittens differs from other products in the series by containing sweet potatoes and fresh chicken

    The Pronature Holistic fish option includes protein in the form of fresh Atlantic salmon

    Pronature Holistic food with turkey and cranberry is intended for adult cats under 10 years of age.

    "Pronature Holistic 10+" is intended for older animals and cats leading a sedentary lifestyle

    To protect joints

    This food, as is common in all complete foods, also contains vitamin and mineral supplements. The manufacturer has deciphered their quantity - you can find this data in the “Guaranteed Analysis and Supplements” section, and by clicking on the name of each vitamin or mineral, you can read details about why it is needed in the kittens’ diet.

    The diet is supplemented with chondroprotectors - glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate. These are not the most easily absorbed forms of these substances, and the percentage is not indicated on the label. There are also more exotic additives here - New Zealand green mussels and sea cucumbers, but we would not particularly count on their valuable properties, because judging by their place in the list, their share in the composition is very small.

    In general, there is a practice of using chondroprotectors when raising large breed kittens, but their effect depends on the dosage, which is best checked with a veterinarian. On the food packaging, as we said, the exact amount of glucosamine and chondroitin is not indicated, and there is no guarantee that they are enough to achieve the desired effect.

    By the way, most standard-sized babies do not need additional chondroprotectors - provided they have adequate nutrition, their body will already receive everything it needs to synthesize substances that serve to form joint tissue.

    Pros and cons of Pronature feeds

    The first big advantage of the food in question is its composition. The list of ingredients confirms the manufacturer's statement that the composition does not contain corn, soy and wheat, and as is known, these components are often the cause of allergic reactions in cats. Their absence is a definite advantage of the food, since often their addition is done solely to save money and obtain a larger volume of production, but not for the benefit of the animal. Other advantages include:

    • sources of protein, which are meat and fish ingredients;
    • a large number of vegetables, fruits and berries in the composition, especially in the “Holistic” series;
    • a large list of vitamin and mineral components;
    • safety and absence of impurities and pests in the feed;
    • the manufacturer’s use of fresh raw materials, which is confirmed by Roskachestvo research;
    • guaranteed taste that will not deteriorate by the end of the shelf life;
    • balanced amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates;
    • use by the manufacturer of natural flavors, flavor enhancers and preservatives.

    The main disadvantage is the price. If the “Original” series has an average cost for high-quality food, then the cat owner will have to spend a lot on “Holistic”. Also, the composition still contains components that can cause allergies, namely yeast, which is included among the ingredients as a source of vitamin B. Based on data from the Roskachestvo system, the guaranteed composition of the product is also not ideal - it contains an excess of calcium (there is 2 of it in the food). %).

    Alternative options

    If for some reason the food was not suitable, the cat did not want to eat it, or it was simply not possible to buy or order it, then in search of an alternative you need to turn to products of a similar quality level. This is primarily a super premium and holistic food.

    Table: popular cat foods that can replace Pronature

    Name of foodClassProduct advantagesaverage price
    AcanaHolisticSources of protein include meat, fish and offal, but of exceptional quality (liver, heart, kidneys). Grain-free composition. 1.8 kg - from 1500 rub.
    1st ChoiceSuperpremiumIt contains meat ingredients, safe sources of carbohydrates and a sufficient amount of healthy additives. The food is widely available. Produced by the same . 2.72 kg - from 1200 rub.
    BlitzSuperpremiumHigh-quality sources of protein, but contains corn. Ingredients include probiotics to improve digestion. 2 kg - from 600 rub.
    Farmina N&DHolisticMeat ingredients as a source of protein, grain-free formulas available. Natural preservatives and antioxidants. 1.5 kg - from 1100 rub.
    BozitaSuperpremiumProtein sources include meat components, and the list of carbohydrates includes corn gluten, wheat flour and corn.2 kg - from 1500 rub.

    Photo gallery: feeds that can be used as an alternative

    Acana - holistic food with grain-free formulations

    1st Choice is a premium food produced by the same

    Bozita food is a super-premium product that contains corn and wheat, which is worth considering when choosing

    Farmina N&D food is a holistic class that contains only natural and safe preservatives and flavor enhancers

    Review of other ingredients

    The flavoring ingredient in the food is another animal component - a fairly traditional chicken liver hydrolysate. It can hardly be said that this food is made “with a chicken and sweet potato base”, as it is written on the package. If there are really about 50% chicken derivatives, then there are only 6% sweet potatoes.

    This is more of an additional component rather than a main component. In addition to sweet potatoes, as a review of the composition of Pronature Holistic Kitten Chicken Sweet Potato shows, the food contains various grains (brown rice, Pearled Barley and oatmeal) - each of them does not exceed 6%, but in total they add up to a quite significant share in the diet.

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